Main Dining Space at Nova Park Royal

Step into the main dining room with a spacious seating capacity of 132 or a standing capacity of 150, this room is designed to accommodate large gatherings and events.

The interior decor exudes a modern, art-deco vibe, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The colourful shell seating and circular yellow booths add a playful touch, while the glamorous gold finishes bring a sense of luxury and sophistication. The addition of fake foliage adds a refreshing natural element to the space.

At the heart of the room, a central green-tiled cocktail bar steals the spotlight, adorned with gold strip lighting that casts a warm glow. The bar offers a comfortable seating arrangement with stylish stools, inviting guests to unwind and sample the venue’s signature cocktails.

The space also consist of DJ booth. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or simply looking for a fantastic drink experience, the main dining room at Nova Park Royal promises an unforgettable time in an aesthetically pleasing setting.